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The first step to changing a habit is awareness.

We often go through our lives on remote control. Unaware of the things that are impacting us until it gets to a point where we have a problem. And then, when the problem has our attention, we do something about it.…that’s right when we start to feel pain we take action.

We take care of the problem…or at least we take core of the thing that causes us pain, but we often don’t take care of the underlying issues. We then go back to our lives and continue on until the next time something gets big enough to get our attention. I know this because I have lived it.

When we start to pay attention to the route cause of the pain, then we can start to make real change in our lives. This may be a thought pattern, a programmed reaction, an emotion, or even the way we breathe.

As human beings we have a habit of looking at things in isolation, but the truth is that everything is connected. When was the last time you took the time to sit with your emotions, to notice the feelings inside your body, to listen to the constant mind chatter, or to notice how you are breathing. Where attention goes, energy flows…when we take time to look inside at the tiny little programs that run everyday subconsciously, we start to notice more and more what is truly causing our pain and we have the ability to change these programs.

Take some time today to become more aware of the programs that you are playing everyday and take the first step towards the change you want in your life.

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