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Brad Levey

Empowerment Coach | Intuitive Healer | Hypnotherapist | Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner | Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner®


I started this business to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

I have spent many years in the service of causes that I haven’t believed in. Moving from job to job looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places.

Over the years I have battled various addictions, procrastination and other self-sabotaging habits leading to a spiral of depression and negative emotion. For years I thought that I was the problem. I went through many years of denial where I buried my head in work, my family and various projects, and every now and again when things got really bad I would pull my head out of the sand and deal with the problem. Not the whole problem mind you, just the bits that were causing me pain. Once dealt with I would get back to distracting myself from the real problem. For years I put myself through this cycle of abuse ignoring anything was real until one day I reached a low and knew things had to change. Out of this desperation came inspiration. I started learning all I could about the mind to help myself understand “Why”. I had embarked on my journey of discovery.

I spent years learning and devouring all the information I could. Along the way I learned many interesting things about the inner workings of the mind. As I became more knowledgeable it helped me to understand “why”, but just knowing why wasn’t enough, because just knowing why didn’t help me to change the subconscious cycle and I still found myself periodically sucked down into depression and negative emotion. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was caught in a subconscious loop which was causing me to relive the same negative patterns over and over again. Every time I found a new better feeling place, my subconscious would find a reason to put me “back in my box” so to speak.

With the help of some skilled practitioners using a combination of techniques including Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®, I was able to break free of the cycle and finally know my truth.

I am here to HELP PEOPLE HEAL!

As I Delved deeper into these modalities and gained my own qualification, I went on a deep spiritual journey unlocking my intuition and better understanding how I can integrate what I have learnt to help others heal. While many of the techniques I use are based in NLP or hypnotherapy, I work intuitively (my intuition and your intuition) to ensure that you get the best result possible.

Everybody has their own unique journey in life and their own challenges. If you are struggling to gain control of your life and struggling to get past blocks, fears or negative emotions, there is a way out. A Breakthrough can help release negative emotion and overcome past trauma so that you can live the life you want to live – a life of purpose and clarity so that you can leave your own positive mark on the world.

If you need help getting past negative beliefs or emotions or feel like you are not aligned with your true purpose, please reach out.

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