Bradley Levey

Founder of "A Better You Life Change"

Brad is the founder of “A Better You Life Change”, a business born out of a combination of Inspiration and Desperation. Coming from a turbulent home life Brad struggled to understand how to find joy in his life and even through he was a functioning citizen with a family and people who loved him, there was still struggle. After years of going through the cycle of the ups and downs of depression, Brad knew things had to change and

from this desperation came inspiration. Brad devoured all he could to help him understand “Why” and embarked on a journey of discovery.

What he didn’t know at the time was that he was caught in a subconscious loop which was causing him to relive the same negative patterns over and over again. Using the combination of a number of modalities including NLP, Hypnotherapy, meditation and Time Line Therapy®, Brad started to understand and recognise these patterns and was able to break free.  “A Better You Life Change” was a choice to take what he had learnt and help others with it. His motto is simple “To help People become better versions of themselves….”

Brad’s passion is to bring healing to people who have suffered through the ups and downs of life. Everybody has their own unique journey in life and trauma and suffering are all too commonly linked to that. Quite often people just don’t understand how to get past issues and allow those issues to weigh them down. Brad is driven by being able to release people from their baggage and shine a light on all the positives they have so that they can become better versions of themselves.

Brad has a kind and caring nature and works with men, women and children to help them overcome negative emotion and disempowering beliefs and find true purpose in their lives. He knows that no single approach is right for everyone, so he is committed to continuing to grow and improve his ability to help in any way he can.

If you need help getting past negative beliefs or emotions or feel like you are not aligned with your true purpose, please reach out.