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For a Better You...

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences every day. If you have ever tried to talk to someone who is watching TV and found it hard to get their attention, this is a naturally occurring trance state. If you have ever driven somewhere and when you got there, wondered how you got there, it is likely that you were in a trance. Your subconscious took over the task of driving and you zoned out. But don't panic if this happens to you because this is exactly what the subconscious is good at. If you have a repetitive task to do and you have done it enough times to know exactly how to do it, the subconscious takes over and does it flawlessly (to the level you have taught it) every time.

This is a great tool for the mind to save energy, but habits can be good and bad and if you have a habit that does not serve you, it can be very hard to consciously break that habit. This is where hypnotherapy can provide amazing benefits.

Hypnotherapy is a process which allows the Hypnotherapist to bypass the critical faculty barrier and access the subconscious mind to reprogram behaviours or solve problems in a persons life. In hypnosis, you will be put into a heightened state of learning making you more susceptible to suggestions for behaviour modification or self improvement. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and highly effective way of targeting a specific aspect of your life that you want to change.

Hypnotherapy is great for weight loss, to stop smoking, change negative habits, overcome a phobia or past trauma and improve performance. Hypnosis can also be a powerful tool for dealing with Anxiety and depression.

A Better you is situated in New Lambton and provided face to face Hypnotherapy services to Newcastle and Lake Macquarie residents.

Hypnotherapy for weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for WEIGHT LOSS!

Do you dream of being a Healthier and slimmer version of yourself?

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of diet and exercise to meet your goals?


Hypnotherapy can help you to unlock the vast resources that you have to make the changes that you need to make…TODAY!

What is Hypnotherapy?

Have you ever wondered what Hypnotherapy really is?

Check out the video below where I explain a little about Hypnosis and the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious mind and why Hypnotherapy can provide you with more opportunities to make massive changes in your life – easily and quickly. If you have negative patterns playing out in your life – this is well worth a listen.

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