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Breathe Better Together

A family event focused on better education around the Breath by Boundless Breath and A Better You

  • 1 h
  • $10 donation/family
  • The Station "The locker Room"

Service Description

Discover the life-changing power of Breathwork with Breathless master instructor Brad Levey. This is a family event designed to inform parents and kids on how to consciously engage their breath for better health, better mood regulation, better breathing regulation, better energy levels and improved performance. This is a practical hands on experience where every week we learn together and we practice together. During these events we delve into the science of breath and look at key aspects of the breath and how they affect us in day to day life. These events are suitable for all ages and we welcome anyone who has an interest in finding out more on how the breath can help them or their loved ones. “Wellbeing” and “wellness” have become real buzz words of late. Working with the breath, we can take the mystery out of it and just come back to basics. At the end of the day our breath is always with us and using the breath as a tool, we can arm ourselves with what we need to become the best version of ourselves and to help our loved ones achieve the same. What is Breathwork? 'Breathwork' refers to an umbrella term used to describe a range of deliberate and conscious breathing techniques used for a range of different effects and purposes. At Boundless Breath, we love and appreciate all breathing techniques because they all have their place and purpose. The beauty of breathwork is that everyone has access to their breath! Breathwork can be adapted to suit the needs of a wide range of breathers of different ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. Breathwork can support participants in areas such as: - ADHD & ADD -Anxiety - Asthma and respiratory conditions - Challenging behaviour - Concentration and focus - Connection to selves and others -Emotional regulation - Immune function -Improving sleep -Raising energy and alertness - Sports performance - Stress management - And more Once you understand the science and principles of breathing you can adapt it to meet a diverse range of physical, mental and emotional needs. WHY BOUNDLESS BREATH? Brad Levey is the founder of Boundless Breath – Brad is a father of four and a Master Breathwork instructor, Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner / Coach and Energy healer. Brad has a passion for helping kids, having worked for 9 years delivering LEGO® workshops to kids, schools and centres around Newcastle and the lower hunter.

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Cancellation Policy

Boundless Breath: Refunds & Cancellations Policy Welcome to Boundless Breath. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional experiences while ensuring clarity and transparency in all our transactions. This Refunds & Cancellations Policy outlines our approach to refunds and cancellations, reflecting our commitment to fairness and customer satisfaction. Please note: This policy is subject to change from time to time to reflect our evolving practices or regulatory requirements. We encourage our clients to review the policy periodically for any updates. By engaging with our services and making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to the terms laid out in this policy. We strive to balance the interests of both Boundless Breath and our valued clients, ensuring that the terms are reasonable, fair, and clearly communicated. • If Boundless Breath cancel or reschedule an event you are entitled to a full refund less ticket fees if booked on Eventbrite or other third-party booking providers which are non-refundable. • All cancellations more than 72 hours from the event will receive a full refund. • All cancellations within 72 hours of the event will receive a one-time credit to redeem within three months of the event date. • Tickets are transferable up to 48 hours prior to the event date if you email the details of the new ticket holder’s full name and email address, copying the new ticket holder into the email, including the event date and venue. The new ticket holder will need to provide us with any registration form, details and waiver prior to being accepted. • For events where there is no up-front booking fee such as the Family Events. Please cancel your booking as early as possible to ensure that others do not miss out.

Contact Details

  • The Station, Watt Street, Newcastle NSW, Australia

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